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101 things i learned from my experience during photography

    1.    Always enjoy your shooting.

    2.    During outdoor shoot in winter keep extra warm cloths.

    3.    Keep your emotions and thoughts in control while on the shoot.

    4.    A good photographer means not a rockstar

    5.    Mountains looks different in different light situation please visit frequently on same beauty-full location.

    6.    Make a checklist of your equipment for different assignments.

    7.    Photography is best way to express yourself, not a waste of time.

    8.    LCD of your camera is not trustable, may be its brighter or darker.

    9.    Always welcome long thoughtful comments on your blog.

    10.    Dirt is a our best friend during outdoor shoot, don’t be afraid.

    11.    Quality is most important in your pictures.

    12.    Always set and achieve your goals.

    13.    Sometime best image is at your behind please turn and check.

    14.    Tripod is best friend of a top professional photographers.

    15.    Make friendship with potential photo buddies.

    16.    Keep a notebook and pencil with you day and night, you never know about the time of idea you have.

    17.    Be confident and believe in you.

    18.    Be Calm and cool.

    19.    Think different for creativity.

    20.    Don’t spend too much, control your expenses during traveling

    21.    If you have any idea in your mind, always write before it wipe out.

    22.    Write your experience about your shooting.

    23.    Send your photos to the photography contests.

    24.    Be a part of photography groups and community.

    25.    Try to shoot daily basis.

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101 things i learned from my experience during photography

    26.    You are you, never compare to other ones.

    27.    Histogram study is best way to learn, always check it.

    28.    Watch the location with your heart before viewfinder.

    29.    You always learn with your mistakes.

    30.    Don’t be arrogant with little success

    31.    Try more and more compositions then click.

    32.    Find the best critique for your images and learn from them.

    33.    Check other photographers work for inspiration.

    34.    Respectfully criticise others work.

    35.    Your girlfriend/wife/friends are the best persons to take feedback.    

    36.    Be powerful during work.

    37.    Drink lots of water, it make you refresh and lubricated.

    38.    Keep your equipments check before go to shoot, keep your battery always fully charge after shoot.

    39.    Always think of golden ratio.

    40.    Take your portraits/ selfie / behind the scene also.

    41.    Shoot with best perspective.

    42.    Reading photography books will help you to develop skills.

    43.    During landscape photography try to integrate some person, it gives the extra boost to the image, even you can use yourself.

    44.    Every shoot is a new challenge accept it.

    45.    Award winning formula:  Try to use S curves and S- lines  in your picture.

    46.    RAW file formats are the best way to shoot.

    47.    Sensor cleaning is must if you see some spots on your images.

    48.    Discover beautiful things you like most.

    49.    Great experience make you good photographer.

    50.    The equipment you have is the best equipment, use it in batter way you know.

101 things i learned from my experience during photography

    51    Everything is photography subject.

    52.    Always use photography rules.

    53.     Always keep your equipments and camera in clean position. 

    54.    Knowingly break the photography rules.

    55.    Pay attention to the light falling on your subject try different angle.

    56.    Check the point of the contrast, keep your eye on it.

    57.    Clouds creates drama in the scene.

    58.    Start your own photoblog.Dedication is must in photography.

    59.    Always say thank you. and accept praise.

    60.    Nice shoot is not a professional word do describe the someones picture, say few more words.

    61.    Be open to say you like or not like the others picture and why.

    62.    you are not a camera but you have a creative eye.

    63.    Make your own photography style.

    64.    Start a conversation on photo blog.

    65.    Check your archives on regular basis.

    66.    Keep a eye-catcher point in your pictures.

    67.    Every photographer has to start little.

    68.    Your opinion/comment is very important in pictures.

    69.    Try to write a thoughtful and funny.

    70.    Share your experience with your  photographer friends.

    71.    Make sure for best editing of your photographs.

    72.    Use high dynamic range in your photography.

    73.    Always take permission before shooting some person.

    74.    Its your creative eye behind the camera not a camera.

    75.    Study your camera menu, during the shoot it save time.

    76.    Always check check and check the settings of your camera.

    77.    Keep extra memory cards with you.

    78.    Always arrive 30-45 minute before  shooting sunrise-sunset, or meeting.

    79.    Exercise will increase your mental and physical limits. Do Exercise/yoga on daily basis.

    80.    Always take few extra shoots.

    81.    Wait and watch for clouds to set in your picture.

    82.    Big size image always looks amazing- Print Big.

    83.    Calibrate your monitor/LCD/LED  frequently.    Bad calibrated lCD produce bed results.

    84.    If you like your image-its good for publishing, don’t think what other says.

    85.    Always move forward, your mistakes is your teacher.

    86.    Laziness is big enemy of creativity and business, be  disciplined.

    87.    Question yourself?  What do you like to express with your images.

    88.    Think out of the box, get new ideas from your thoughts.

    89.    Try to found a good mentor.

    90.    Your enemies are everywhere, so many people not like what are you doing.

    91.    Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.  HENRI CARTIER BRESSON

    92.    Never thought a batter camera produce batter images. Best images always produced by your creative brain.

    93.    Do not drink alcohol at shoot.

    94.    Keep raincoat for your equipment and for you also is its rainy season.

    95.    Do not eat heavy food during travel.

    96.    Keep emergency medicine with you.

    97.    Take extra set of eyeglasses.

    98.    Wear best quality sports shoes during travel.

    99.    Not drive bike at night, plan your route for daylight only.

        100. Keep few energy bars always with you.

    101.Never give your equipment to anybody you don’t know.

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